How To Create An Autumn Wardrobe On A Budget!


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Yes, today is all about getting right in the mood for autumn.  Now the change in seasons can bring a sudden pressure to buy new warmer clothes, and sometimes you just do not have the budget at that point in time. Especially if you are at school or university when money is tight and even when you are working and have bills to pay!

The answer to this is smart shopping! Lets trim it back, and break it down to the minimum essentials you need to create a mini autumn capsule wardrobe!

There are 13 pieces that you should invest in to see you through the new season, and you can get all of these pieces without spending a fortune. Honest!

If you want to see me do a video on how to create an autumn capsule wardrobe on a budget, using this list of 13 things; do let me know in the comments!

So without further ado, here is the check list!


1 Pair Of Denim Jeans

Jeans are the perfect starting point. If you have a good pair of denim jeans in your wardrobe you can’t go too wrong this season. They’re warm, they’re super versatile and also good for daytime and evening wear. If you have a good pair of jeans already then look for some trend based denim, there are embroidered jeans, ones with huge ruffles at the bottom, printed jeans, ripped jeans; just make sure you feel comfortable in them! If you haven’t got a good pair of jeans then invest in some straight or skinny leg jeans as these styles go with everything. Go for a mid or dark wash; or even black. However black jeans can fade after a few washes so blue may be a better option!

1 Pair Of Trousers

Sticking with the bottoms, next is a smart pair of trousers. Now if trousers aren’t your thing then opt for another pair of jeans. Trousers are a great addition to have!  Styles to invest in would be either tailored trousers, leather look skinny trousers or maybe some trend based; for example the ruffle bottom trousers are huge this season. Any of these styles can be dressed down casually or dressed up for the evening. Pick a pair in black, navy or nude to be sure that they will go with everything.

1 Coat

Of course, you can’t survive autumn without having a coat as it gets pretty darn cold. If you have last year’s coat that you are happy with then you could skip this section, if not then there are lots of options. In terms of colour, you can opt for almost any as it is ok to have a coat that mismatches slightly with your outfit, but also any coat will look right with your denim jeans and trousers. Styles that are hot this season are the puffer jacket, the trench coat and the shearling coat. One thing to suggest would be to pick a darker colour as it will be less likely to get dirty or damaged, therefore lasting longer for you.

1 Dress or Skirt

If you are a dress person go for a dress, if not opt for a skirt. Slip dresses have been huge and these are great for carrying forward to the new season as you can layer them up. You can chuck a top or jumper under or over them and look totally put together but also warm. You can also wear them as an evening outfit on their own. You can do this with many casual style dresses; just make sure they are roomy enough to layer up. If you are not into dresses then go for a skirt. I would actually suggest going for a trend based skirt. Pleated midi skirts are huge right now and look great with knitwear, 80s skirts are awesome; I am wearing a vinyl one in this post which would be great with thick patterned tights and a chunky knit through autumn. Likewise you can wear them alone with a cute top for the evening.

frill top - vinyl - eighties trend - autumn wardrobe - uk style blogger 5- charnellegeraldine.jpg     frill top - vinyl - eighties trend - autumn wardrobe - uk style blogger 6- charnellegeraldine.jpg     frill-top-vinyl-eighties-trend-autumn-wardrobe-uk-style-blogger-4-charnellegeraldine

3 Tops

Ok, so if we break it down to the bare minimum, it would be a great ideas to buy:

One black top with long sleeves.

One long sleeve shirt in another colour.

One dressy top.

The black top will ensure that you have that staple top that will go with all of your bottoms. The shirt will give you another versatile option that can be styled different ways and this could be trend based too! The dressy top is for those evenings out; to make sure you have it covered. You could get an embroidered top, a velvet cami; anything that will be a nice separate for evenings. You can wear these tops with your jeans, tuck them into your trousers, wear them under your dress or tuck them into your skirts. Lots of different looks right there!

2 Jumpers

These babies will be vital for the season, which is why you need at least two. Go for one simple maybe black or grey jumper so you definitely have an option to pair with everything in your wardrobe. Then also buy a more fun jumper, so a printed jumper, super oversized jumper, bright coloured jumper; whatever takes your fancy; so that you can play around with your individual style. The knit top in this post for example is fun, on trend and in keeping with my personal style preference of bright colour; but it will also still go with everything. Your jumpers will go with your jeans, trousers and skirts, you can wear them over or under your dress, you can style them differently with your tops. With little styling tweaks you can adapt the same outfit and make it look different. I will go more into this in the video if you let me know in the comments that the video is of interest!

1 Pair Of Boots

Boots are an autumn essential. Go for an ankle boot as these pair nicely with everything and if you haven’t already got a black pair then definitely pick black. Black boots will team with all of your clothes. Definitely opt for a smaller heel for comfort, you need to be able to wear them every day remember! Black boots don’t have to be boring, the boots in this post are black with a small heel and they have this amazing floral embellishment; showing how you can still buy a statement shoe. Black ankle boots will pair with all of your day wear but also all of your party wear, from skirts to dresses.    

3 Accessories

Lastly is accessories and these are extremely valuable pieces to think about! Here are three to consider.

A Belt: A belt is not always thought about but they are super amazing for adapting the look of your outfits, adding a belt to your jeans or skirts can completely transform your look. Choose a black belt to be safe or also, loop belts are set to be big this season!

Earrings: Earrings can take your outfit from normal to dressy or put together in a flash. Invest in a pair of hoops or statement studs to add that wow factor.

A Bag: Getting the right bag is essential. Go crazy and pick something statement to pair with your more simple looks. Make sure it is big enough to fit your day to day bits and bobs. Cross the body bags are really nice and mean you don’t feel like you are carrying anything!


So that’s a wrap. Let me know if this has been useful!

Of course you can keep adding to this list but as long as you have these 13 pieces you can mix and match and create different looks. Check out the likes of Primark, New Look, Pull & Bear, Boohoo and H&M where the price point is more affordable; these stores are killing it with autumn winter wear so you can definitely find bargain, super on trend pieces.

Remember to tell me if you want me to do this in a video because the proof is in the pudding right! It would be good to see how cheap I can do this for!

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Photography by Tia Gardiner