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With the approach of London Fashion Week, it is that time of year again where we have to finally admit to ourselves that autumn is upon us. Although it is sad that the weather is soon to turn back to the dismal England we all know too well, it is actually a very exciting time in terms of fashion! It is time to update your wardrobes ladies and this year, stores are really stepping up to the mark!

Today’s post is talking all things trends for the new season. Here is a rundown of some key trends for autumn winter with a little insight into the trends I will be buying into and those that I may just dabble with or stay clear of! Today I am also rocking an all Topshop outfit which fits into every trend I will discuss!



This trend has been trickling into shops through spring summer and is really coming out in full force for autumn winter. This trend is exactly what the title suggests! Imagine finding yourself in your grandma’s attic, rummaging through all of her clothes, pulling out an eclectic handful of old-fashioned garms and throwing them all on together. Who knew grannys could be so hip! Mash-up outfits are all the rage this season! Think floral patterns mixed with jacquard patterns and coloured fur trims paired with frills. This trend is not for the faint hearted! You can however, pick out one piece you like from the trend and add it to your normal everyday outfit for a toned down look.

Key pieces to invest in for the ultimate dressing up experience is ruffled knitwear and blouses; faux fur coats; printed trousers and skirts in a floral; jacquard or paisley print; pleated midi skirts and dresses and rich coloured jackets with prints and embroidery. Look out for chanel-esque boucle fabrics and anything frilly! Team these gems with some cutesy mules with the small block heel, statement beads, fine tights or knee length pretty socks. This trend is pretty darn cool and great for experimenting with style. I will be dabbling with it myself, picking some quirky pieces to mix with my personal style. I am thinking the prints from this trend will be a fun addition to my wardrobe. The ankle boots in this post are a hybrid with the vintage (granny) loafer, inspired by Gucci, this goes to show how easy you can work the trend into your outfit, in a more minimal manner.


autumn-winter-trends-2016-aw16-puffa-jacket-uk-style-blogger-charnelle-geraldine-8     autumn-winter-trends-2016-aw16-puffa-jacket-uk-style-blogger-charnelle-geraldine     autumn-winter-trends-2016-aw16-puffa-jacket-uk-style-blogger-charnelle-geraldine-9


Retro outfits are huge this season, designers were bringing back the eighties at aw16 catwalks and I couldn’t be happier. Eighties fashion was fun, vibrant, sexy and playful and with a new modern twist, this year our outfits are going to be the bomb! If you have been following my blog then you will know that I am all about colour and this trend satisfies all of my colourful desires. Think bold colours and prints (lots of leopard- yaasss); bare midriffs with cute crop tops; the power suit; big shoulders (make room for padding – hell yeah); mini skirts; asymmetric necklines; and of course the classic oversized denim jacket. Team your retro outfits with stilettos, wide waist belts, headbands, loop belts and pointed flat boots; look out for vinyl and patent fabrics and play with pops of colour!

I myself will be taking inspiration from the likes of 80s queen Whitney Houston, especially from her video for ‘How will I know?’ pure outfit goals right there. Madonna of course, who personifies eighties more than anyone. I will be taking inspiration from Michael Jackson and the Fresh prince because Hilary and Lisa were the don of eighties outfits. In today’s look I have added a little styling detail of the head scarf wrapped around my wrist; this adds a little touch of 80s to my outfit and I am digging the look. Heads up, I am going to create an eighties edit in the next couple of weeks on my blog and I am also sharing some new eighties purchases on my YouTube channel Sunday, so SUBSCRIBE to see that!



This trend is a bit like marmite, you’re either going to love it or hate it. I feel truly spoilt this season, the 90s is one of my favourite eras of clothing and the puffer sits nicely within that; so count me in! With the jacket being a prominent jacket in 90s hip-hop culture, there is a nostalgia with this jacket for me. The days sitting on the sofa after school, flicking through the music channels and watching hip-hop stars rap with huge puffer jackets on, huge gold chains round there neck, baggy jeans and clunky white trainers. Missy Elliot was queen of the puffer back then and Drake and Rihanna have taken the baton and rock them today!

Don’t worry. This season we are stepping away slightly from the Michelin man look that is oh so scary to most, and bringing in a more feminised, ‘posh’ version of the hero jacket. You can see satin fabrics being used, pretty colours and more flattering cuts. Today I am rocking this phenomenal puffer jacket from Topshop which I have fallen head over heels for. It is huge and bulky but it is also very feminine and cute. The satin texture, pale pink hue, clean cut neckline and silver hardware all make for a posh update on the puffer; making it super wearable. It teams nicely with everything and my god is it warm! This year we can actually look stylish and be warm at the same time! Result! Let me know if you would like a round up off the best puffer jackets on the high street for winter and I will get that up asap!  



You guessed it right. Black is in with a vengeance! Gothic vibes are no longer just a rebellious youth culture, the goth has made its way onto the catwalks but in a more sophisticated and elaborate form for this seasons fashion! This is the perfect excuse for all you black ensemble lovers out there; and also a new inspiring way to add interest to your simple style preference. Go and invest in some leather pieces, tiered dresses, fur jackets, lace tops and throw them all together to merge delicacy with an edge. Play with textures to set apart your all black outfit and enliven it. Look out for Victorian crochet lace collars, studded details, sheer panelling, velvet, embroidery and feathers. These will all add more detail to your look. The aim is to go for the darker elements ambiance but with a romantic, regal feel.

Personally, I will take bits and pieces from this trend but will not be opting to go to the dark side. Again I am all about colour and want to embrace that throughout autumn winter too! Saying that I am excited for a bit of black velvet, leather and lace, I definitely have room in my wardrobe for those! Sometimes a bit of black is good for toning down outfits, for example in this post I am wearing a pink coat and predominantly pink dress; however the black lace hem and the pink floral against the black really cool the look down. It also gives it a gothic, grunge edge which is really nice.

autumn-winter-trends-2016-aw16-puffa-jacket-uk-style-blogger-charnelle-geraldine-7     autumn-winter-trends-2016-aw16-puffa-jacket-uk-style-blogger-charnelle-geraldine-4     autumn-winter-trends-2016-aw16-puffa-jacket-uk-style-blogger-charnelle-geraldine-3


Lastly is a round-up of those details that are right on trend for aw16.

Velvet is blooming huge this season and it is taking a more relaxed and casual stance this year. Go grab yourself a velvet bomber, velvet slip dress or velvet crop top and you will be style ready.

Vinyl fabrics will be dotting around adding an 80s spin on your separates. This bad-ass material is great for edgy evening outfits or for teaming with your knitwear for daytime!

Embroidery is attaching itself to everything for autumn winter giving your ensemble a majestic uplift. It is moving away from the coloured floral embroidery on denim we have seen through summer to a more intricate and sparkly presence. A galactic theme has also emerged in the embroidered form.

Prints are flipping massive right now; this year we can’t get enough of wild animal prints; checks; surreal stripes; jacquards; winter florals and all that good stuff. Go wild, print clash for an eclectic look or team with neutral items.

Quilting is hot right now in the land of outerwear and accessories. Topshop are killing it with padded bags at the moment and quilting is all over the high street.


So the outfit today incorporates every trend discussed in today’s post! The puffer jacket, the winter floral print dress, the granny –esque loafer boots, the 80s wristwear and the gothic lace detailing. Don’t be afraid to mix trends and create your own inspiring look!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and what trends you are excited for! I am working hard on bringing strong written content to my blog and have so many plans up my sleeve! The Fashion Edit section of my blog will be in full working order next month with two posts a week on there along with two of these style diary pieces. I will also throw in curly hair and styling posts for good measure here and there.

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Photography by Tia Gardiner